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Track 919C bowling ball **SALE**FREE SHIPPING**SALE**

919C bowling ball by Track **SALE**FREE SHIPPING**SALE**

Item #:track919c
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Product Description Truly the best high performance ball Track has ever made, the 919C features an all new core with a revolutionary "HAZE" COVERSTOCK. The name of the game: continuation!

Our chemists have come up with yet another new and stronger coverstock formulation. One that has a rather unique side effect…a unique HAZE to it. Our team can only describe it as a HAZE that will change its appearance from environmental conditions. This HAZE has no bearing on performance, but the look is phenomenal! Some will HAZE more than others and some will change appearance just from using the product. It is truly a unique blend, and we are sure you will agree a spectacular performing bowling ball. We have packed this ball in a modified red poly bag. This is to protect the ball from environmental influences to keep its HAZE appearance. The ball does not need to remain in this bag. It is specifically to protect the ball’s coverstock while in the distribution chain. This is the first time that Track has ever put the coverstock logo on the ball, too. Finished with 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 abralon.

Edge Asymmetric core shape boasts an awesome amount of mid-lane power, specially designed for a mid-lane continuous ball motion.

14# RG 2.54 Diff 0.043 15# RG 2.53 Diff 0.049 16# RG 2.54 Diff 0.050

MB 0.019

WWRD 8/18/2011
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