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LevRG RESPONSE bowling ball by MoRich
LevRG RESPONSE bowling ball by MoRichLevRG RESPONSE bowling ball by MoRichLevRG RESPONSE bowling ball by MoRichLevRG RESPONSE bowling ball by MoRich

MoRich LevRG RESPONSE bowling ball

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Product DescriptionLearning from all the valuable research recently performed by the USBC in regards to coverstock Ra values (the height and depth of the microscopic "spikes" and "pores" on the surface of a bowling ball), and their direct effect on a cover's performance capabilities, MoRich developed the all new Extended Ra Pearl Reactive Cover. This incredible new cover increases the Ra value, allowing the LevRG RESPONSE to deliver the most responsive and continuous ball reaction the industry has ever seen! Development Concept: To produce a new coverstock with a larger Ra value to increase performance by providing increased lane surface contact. Use modified core densities to produce a later more responsive and continuous breakpoint.

Coverstock Notes: All new formula designed to raise the Ra value of the cover thus providing improved contact between the ball and the lane surface. Although the Extended RA Pearl Reactive coverstock provides increased surface contact, the cover material is extremely "workable" and accepts sanding and polishing easily, allowing for breakpoint locations to occur sooner or later down the lane, depending upon the surface adjust made to the cover.

Core Notes: Density adjustments within the EZ Rev body, hood, and lower cap made it possible to increase the RG value while reducing the asymmetrical and total differentials. This change helps to generate a more powerful rev rate down the lane, allowing for stronger changes of directions on the backend with increased continuation.

Weights (pounds): 13, 14, 15, 16
Color: Blurple Berry Pearl
Ideal Oil Condition: Medium to Medium Heavy
Core Type: EZ Rev
Coverstock: Extended Ra Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish: 4000 Grit
RG: 2.509
Mass Bias Differential: .028
Differential: .046
60 Degree Avg. Spin Time: 5.1 seconds
Flare Potential: Large
D-Scale: 74-76
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