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Hammer Wrench Red/Gold/Purple Pearl bowling ball **FREE SHIPPING**

Wrench bowling ball by Hammer **FREE SHIPPING**

Item #:hammerwrench
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Product DescriptionIts time to twist up the backend and tighten down on the competition! The Wrench features Hammer's original M.P.A. core with a pearlized version of the GTRIII Reactive cover-stock (first used on the Taboo Jet Black). With a 2000 grit polished finish, the Wrench gives bowlers a more angular backend than the Ratchet and exceptional length through the front of the lane.

Wrench it off the backend with the new Hammer Wrench! Wrench combines our biggest skid/flip coverstock in the line, Grand Theft Reactive III Pearl, originally featured on the Taboo Jet Black. Combined with our M.P.A. core, the Wrench is ready to set the standard for backend reaction!

Powerhouse Factory Finish: 800 Abranet, 1000, 2000 Abralon.

12# RG 2.60 Diff .039
13# RG 2.53 Diff .055
14# RG 2.53 Diff .051
15# RG 2.50 Diff .052
16# RG 2.51 Diff .046

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