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The Nuts bowling ball by 900 Global
The Nuts bowling ball by 900 GlobalThe Nuts bowling ball by 900 Global

900 Global The Nuts bowling ball

Item #:900globalnuts
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Product DescriptionThis release is the biggest back-ending ball we have ever produced from this factory! The Nuts features a new higher Rg core, our S70 cover that continues to just keep selling year after year, and is also finished with our NEAT process. The T finish on this ball gives the appearance that it’s polished when in reality this ball has no polish or compounds clogging its pours, and has the surface roughness equivalent to 4500 grit. NEAT will be engraved on the ball to indicate the T finish. This new finish is one reason why bowlers will see the “Nuts” move more on the backend than any ball they have ever seen. With a sweet down lane snap, and a look that will have people asking “how’d they do that?” this ball will be the “Nuts” for a pro shop to push to their bowlers!

S70 Coverstock. neaT finish.

Asymmetric Core. RG 2.551 Diff 0.050 MB 0.017
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